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What to do when you drop your phone accidentally in water

iPhone-water Damage
Did you go swimming with your iPhone and accidentally drop your iPhone in water or the pound or a sink full of water whatever the cause for water damage 


Switch off your cell phone



You dropped your iPhone in water and when you take it out from the water there is water still in your iPhone and if you use it anyways it will damage your iPhone 
So switching off your iPhone is better to stop it more damaging and if your iPhone is way too much wet try to dry your iPhone first.




Don’t try to charge your phone



If your iPhone is not working after you take out from the water do not put your iPhone on charge just to check if its working or not your iPhone is damaged by water and if you put your iPhone on charging it will make the condition of your iPhone more worse.


Get your phone fixed by professionals



Usually, water damaged iPhone don’t work people say putting your phone in rice will soak all the water but it’s a myth and makes it worse while repairing in FAST CELL REPAIR in Vancouver there is rice in the phone Damaging board it can be the cause for your iPhone getting a blast.
FAST CELL REPAIR in Vancouver and Burnaby fix hundreds of water damaged phones
We have experts and experienced technicians we have the experience to fix the water damaged phones so choose wisely!


Be ready for the worst


Even after taking all these precautions there is no guarantee for some phone which are Damaged by the water we can try to fix those phone but it can’t fix your phone then there is no fee.

FAST CELL REPAIR is top-rated with FIVE-star rating in google you can visit our reviews

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