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Some tips to buy second-hand phones

buy second-hand phones
Are you looking to buy second-hand phones in good condition whether it’s an iPhone or Samsung at lower prices? so here are some tips before you buy second-hand phones
But before you buy the phone online or maybe from any shop there are few things you should keep in your mind 
Check it if it’s not stolen
There are a lot’s of complaints that the phone is stolen because when you buy a phone online from eBay and Letgo or any other app just make sure that it’s not stolen or picked up because if you buy it mean you wasted your money or there is a chance that you are gonna get in trouble so think before you buy because it’s gonna get block and so you are not able to use Wi-Fi and your Simcard after the block it will be like a dummy and nothing more than that 
Make sure that your phone will work with all your networks 
Make sure your phone will work with all your network with the network you want to use it don’t buy the phone under the ding that it can be unlocked and if its iPhone then it’s gonna be very costly to unlock
Make sure you can give it back
Ok, let’s suppose you bought the phone and when you get home it’s not working what you will do? Make sure you will get the phone number of the seller or the address so when your phone starts to have problems you will get your refund back 
Make sure to delete data 
Make sure you get the phone cleared of all its data before you buy or sell it. For iPhones, make sure you get the last person who used it to remove their iCloud account. If the iCloud account is not removed, you will not be able to access the phone or use it at all.
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