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Can my iPhone become new after repair?

iPhone cracked screen become new after repair

It’s becoming more and more common nowadays that iPhone can be repaired quickly what if your phone damaged more than a screen cracked??

What if your Phone dropped by a building or run over by a car? Is it possible to repair it in 30 to 45 minutes? Or get back in the same new condition rather than buying a new one.

These are some questions people have in their mind and rumours are spreading and that’s what we are gonna talk about today.

If your iPhone is old and starts having issues like a battery problem, charging port problem, speaker and microphone problem they can be easily repaired in 30 minutes or less than that and it should cost a maximum of 100$ but it’s up to the quality of parts.

If your phone is damaged by water do not put it on charging or don’t put it on rice thinking that rice will soak your water it can be the cause of more damage we repair lots of water damaged phone but when we start to repair we see rice was damaging the circuit we have a better chance to save your phone if it’s still wet so the sooner you bring it to fast cell repair.

If your phone suddenly stops working without physical damage it might be a software issue and you can reset your phone first it can erase your all data and after that, it’s still having issues we have professionals and experienced technicians first they diagnose your iPhone and then tell you the problem behind your phone and fix it sometimes some apps are the reason of causing the issue they bring viruses along with them so you don’t need to worry about anything these are the problems which can be fixed.

If you are not sure about this you can contact any repair shop in Vancouver and Burnaby and tell them your problem and asked if it’s possible to repair your iPhone the answer will be YES but we suggest you check google before going to any repair shop with the top-rated & FIVE-star rating in google you can visit our reviews and go there where they offer no fixed No charge which is fast cell repair is providing

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  • JasonBean I accidentally broke my phone screen looking for a mobile repair store i randomly found this store they replaced my phone screen in just 45 mins. I highly recommend, they have great customer service and very friendly Reply
  • Sam Alex Professional and welcoming staff provided quick and effective fix for the broken phone. Reply
  • Amber Garcia Very good customer service, fast and reliable work, nice collection of mobile covers, recommend this store. Reply

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