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Comparison Between ASUS ROG vs Apple & Samsung for Best Gaming Phone

Comparison between phones

After a tough day at work when there is a time to relax and make yourself in a good mood, there is nothing better than gaming especially when you want to relax your mind so today we are going to talk about which phone is best for gaming. So today we are gonna compare ASUS ROG, Apple iPhone, and Samsung Phone and pick a winner of the best gaming phone

So, for the best gaming phone, there is something you need in the phone which is PROCESSOR, RAM, ROM, BATTERY, & GRAPHIC CHIP


So, the first phone we have is ASUS ROG 

asus rog cell phone

ASUS ROG is the phone which is especially design for gaming in this phone the memory is staring from 128GB 8GB ram to 1TB 12GB ram which means you can download lots of heavy games and when you play games you need a good battery life so you can play your favourite games without any tension this phone has non-removable 6000 MAH battery-life which means you can play your favourite games for hours and hours without putting it on charging and if we talk about the processor this phone has Qualcomm snapdragon which is the best processor which is needed in the best gaming so you can play your games without any lag so if you are thinking to buy a gaming phone so you can play PUBG, FORTNITE, CALL OF DUTY and other heavy and trending games ASUS ROG can be the phone you are thinking about

Let’s move on to iPhone


Second, we have iPhone XR

as we all know the iPhone is the best phone in all but is it also best in gaming? iPhone XR has a Hexa core processor which is the best processor in all iPhone series it means your phone is not gonna lag while you play heavy games and if we talk about the storage you are gonna have 64GB 2GB ram to 256GB 3GB ram which means you can install lots of apps and play lots of games and for the hours and hours of gaming you need a good battery timing iPhone XR has 2942 MAH which is good but not as good as ASUS ROG




Third, we have Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9


So, the last phone we have is the Samsung galaxy note 9 was released on 23 August 2018 the processor in Samsung Galaxy note 9 is OCTA CORE Multitasking is the major advantage of a quad or octa-core processor. More cores provide more capacity to mobile performing many tasks in a single instance. Quad or other multi-core processors help run such apps which are rather intensive and require a lot of resources the internal storage of Samsung note 9 is 128GB 6GB ram and 512Gb 8Gb ram and as you know battery is important for gaming so note 9 is giving non-removable 4000 MAH battery so you can play your favourite games without putting on charging

So, these were the specifications of these phones and now let’s talk about their looks and colors


iPhone XR is available in SIX colors BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, YELLOW, RED AND CORAL it’s up to you which color you like and the looks of iPhone XR is similar to iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 available in FIVE colors including oceanic blue, midnight black, metallic copper, lavender purple, and alpine white

ASUS ROG is available in only black color but it has a very cool design

So, in the end, Asus rog wins because for gaming it is the best phone in all

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