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Samsung Galaxy fold able

So last year a lots of great phones with highly expected new features were introduced by some big brands like APPLE, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, and XIAOMI So this year Samsung introduced us with its first foldable phone which is Samsung Galaxy Fold it is the first foldable phone by Samsung today we will talk about the specifications we will talk about the look colours advantages and disadvantages of this phone

Specifications of Samsung GALAXY FOLD

The processor is using in this phone is Qualcomm snapdragon it is the latest processor and your phone will not hang while multitasking this phone comes with the triple camera 12MP,12MP AND 16MP rear cameras and 10MP and 8MP front cameras so when you capture your memorable moments with this phone you will experience the realistic images and the battery in this phone is non-removable  4380 mAh you use your for hours and hours without putting it on charge the size of this foldable phone is 7.3 inches so you can experience mobile and tablet at the same time OS of this phone is Android 9.0 (pie) the internal storage of this phone is 512GB 12GB RAM

This phone comes in 4 different and unique colours


Now let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Fold


There are some disadvantages of Galaxy fold is that this device is very sensitive even the lightest pressure on the screen can cause damage you cannot use this device with any metal object this device is not even waterproof water can cause the reason of damage as-well and there is a thin laminate on this phones screen which is not the protector it’s the part of screen if you peel it off your screen is gonna damage immediately so do not peel it off  it has no earphone jack 3.1, it has Type-C 1.0 reversible connector which means the charger will be different from other androids


Samsung galaxy fold is the first foldable phone by Samsung in this phone you’ll get a bigger screen so you can experience theatre while watching movies on Samsung Galaxy Fold it has a multitasking capabilities you can use WhatsApp, Facebook and you can watch videos on you-tube at the same time you can experience phone and tablet at the same-time galaxy fold will not hang while multitasking it’s the best thing in Samsung Galaxy Fold battery timing is awesome in this phone and the camera in the phone is 4380 mAh you can play games you can watch movies hours and hours

It was a basic review of Samsung Galaxy Fold before you buy think twice because it’s an expensive phone

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