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Working in a cell phone repair shop we see thousands of broken screen phone whenever we have a customer they tell us how their  phones got a break when they visit us to repair their iPhone or any other Phone so we thought today we should share some reasons how peoples break their cell phone


Slipping the phone from hand



This is the most common reason how often people break their cell phone while pulling out from a pocket in a hurry and it got slipped from there hands the screen got cracked the best way you can save from breaking is to don’t get panic whenever you get the call or doesn’t matter how important the call is just to take your time and pull it out carefully.


Missed the pocket



The second reason is kinda opposite of the first one because whenever you are in a hurry you just try to put your cell phone in a pocket and you missed and it straight goes down to the ground and your screen got break so again be careful and take your time to put it back in your pocket


Phone in your back pocket



It happens a lot when your front pockets are kind of full so you just put in in your back pocket and when you sit on any hard surface like a chair or bus stop your screen gets the pressure and got damaged so never put your phone in a back pocket


Water damaged phones



Sometimes you put your phone in the front pocket of your shirt and when you try to pick something from the ground may be your keys your wallet e.t.c your cell phone got slipped from your pocket and screen got broken so be careful when you put your phone in the front pocket of your cell phone

Well I hope this information will help you and save you from breaking your cell phone and if you do break it visit FAST CELL REPAIR is top-rated with a FIVE-star rating on google you can visit our reviews

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