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How to Prepare your phone before selling it


In this article, we’re going to discuss How to prepare your phone before selling it.

There are specific steps that are going to prove useful in selling the phone so that none of your data can’t be recovered from your phone; make that picture contact information. 

Or any of the social accounts.

Now, remember, no matter how many you flash your phone, all do master reset. Still, there is a good chance the data can be recovered with the use of the right tools.

Here we are sharing some of the useful techniques which may be useful.

How to Prepare your phone before selling it

Getting ready to sell your phone

Precautions before Selling:

Step 1 back up your data

When you are selling your phones, always remember to do backups all of your data to google; with the new automatic backup feature, the related app will prior to making backup depending upon the weekly or monthly basis.

Step 2 filling up phone memory with junk files.

Just doing a master reset or getting it flash is not vulnerable to the data recovered. 

So it’s very important to erase the memory and fulfill the phone memory with the junk files.

So that if someone can try to backup your data, it may be getting the junk files that you have filled the phone with the junk files with movies film series as far that isn’t your personal data. We are safe.

Step 3 Removing the cache or image file.

Removing the cache memory is important too so that no traces of image file is stored as the ghost file still the data can be recovered somewhat half or partially thee data, so to remove the cache reboot the phone on fast mode

then select the cache to remove in the backup settings and remove the backup of cache data itself so that no data can be recovered that is software-wise.

Step 4 Don’t sell the phone Right after the master reset. 

Before selling your phone, Use the phone after master Reset. Use the phone as the decoy to let the ghost AKA as image file have the image of your junk files that will be created when you use your phone for about 72 hours,so in this time the image file has been created for those junk files and then no one able to recover your personal data

If someone tries to recover your data, they will get the junk files, filmed movies, or whatever, making your phone 100% secure to sell with no hope of ever recovering your personal data.

If someone tries to recover your data, they will get the junk files, filmed movies, or whatever, making your phone 100% secure to sell with no hope of ever recovering your personal data.

How to Remove ios data or cache of the iPhone 

Now the iPhone cloud memory is one of the versatile backup-data servers. We are second in place, making blackberry phones still number one vault backup servers iPhone comes in 2nd in the protection of your privacy and

your personal data.

Removing the data of the iPhone is an entirely different process from an android.

Apple devices use services such as iCloud and iTunes Where you can safely backup your data on a laptop or on the iCloud server keeping in mind that before iCloud backup you need to memorize the Apple i.d.

If phone data is loss incidentally then you can use the image file in the cache memory section to recover your data, but if that image file is deleted then that data has securely deleted no way to recover that.


Trying recovery on an Apple device.

Although the Apple devices are not easy to recover data cause there is a certain pin number associated with the user account that can only be accessed by Apple’s customer center. 

And you can’t deceive them by getting the info that easily because they have your full information, so they are gonna cross-checked you again & again until they are satisfied that there is no harm in backing up the data. 

And that happens when you are trying to backup your data from another phone.


Now comes the physical part of the phone

The phone must look in pristine condition as you are selling for good prices, no one’s gonna pay the good prices if the screen is roughly used with a protector or the phone side edge is worn out chrome losing its shine to look

good, obviously. 

No matter how carefully you use the phone, there is some spot you are gonna get scratches, that is the charging port and the headphone jack.


Give your phone a new fresh look

Always changed the protector of the screen and the case, so that the purchaser will get attracted to the phone from the point of views from purchase then will cling to that phone was carefully used and probably was used as a

secondary phone so that makes your phone in excellent quality and you will end you get a good price.

Now, if we missed any point in the process, do mention it in the comments; we would love to hear from you!





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