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How to Use a Cell Phone Battery to Make it Last Long

How to Use a Cell Phone Battery to Make it Last Long


Greetings! In this article, we will let you know about how you can make your battery last longer on your cell phone. We will discuss overcharging, misuse of your cell phone battery, overuse of your phone’s apps, and a device that can help you in maintaining your battery fully charged. 

If you’re a cell phone enthusiast and feel fond of using it most often then you must be thinking that why every time your cellphone’s battery drains so fast and what’s the reason behind it? 

Nowadays cell phone manufacturing companies don’t show any quiet interest in resolving this issue and the customers buy their product expecting to get more battery power this time. Well, as we know the mobile phone’s battery life expectancy depends on the “mah” and on the usage of the phone. 

There’s no absolute solution to this problem but we can help you by letting you know about some tricks and precautions that you can take in preventing your battery to drain fast or from making it last longer.


Things you should know:


Overcharging your phone can lead your battery to lose its life expectancy. Without knowing the fact that we often put our phones on charging and forget to check if it’s fully charged or not. Most of the time, when our phone’s battery is completely drained we start looking for a charger to charge our phone’s battery, we simply plugin and leave it until it gets fully charged. This act of ours can sometimes lead to Overcharging. When we are busy doing our things or maybe sleeping while putting our phones on the charge, things get pretty trouble making when our phone’s battery is fully charged to 100%, and even after that, it is still being charged for at least 30 minutes or more. This can lead to Overcharging or worst battery bursting. 

But, in 2021 you don’t need to worry about that because the phones that are being manufactured these days have a feature embedded in them that makes them stop charging when they are fully charged. 

The above instructions were to inform those individuals who are using old or outdated cell phones. 

There’s nothing to feel shy about that, we’ve all been there.

Although, you can have issues with your battery if you’re using a “High Ampere Charger” or so-called a “Fast-Charger”. 

Yes, companies like “Apple” do provide “Fast-Chargers” for their Users. But, If you’re using a “Fast-Charger” that is not a company manufactured or OEM and instead you’re using some other than that, then it will affect your battery’s life. If your phone’s battery doesn’t match with the Amperes of your charger it will affect your cell phone’s battery life.  


The Exploitation of Mobile Phone’s Battery:               

Overcharging can also mean “the exploitation of mobile phone batteries”. It occurs when we use our phones while charging them. Most of the time when we are watching something important on our smartphones and suddenly a notification pops-up saying “Low Battery”, we immediately rush towards charging our battery, and that is fine. The thing which is bad for our batteries is that when we keep on watching that video or any stuff that we are doing while charging our phones. This causes to weaken our battery’s strength.  


Excessive Use of Apps and Features:

Some apps and features in your cell phone can be deceiving just like hiding under the nose and sucking out the life of your phone’s battery. For your information, 30% to 40% percent of your mobile phone’s battery is taken by your phone’s Operating system just like Android and IOS. If you want to know which apps are using your battery life so fast then here are some steps to guide you.

  • Go to your mobile phone’s settings 
  • Then go to battery
  • Touch on Battery usage or App usage
  • There you will see the apps that are being used right now 
  • Pick those apps which are useless. like, gaming apps or maybe the ones that you think are not useful right now. like, browsing apps.
  • ‘Click’ on those apps and put them to “Force Stop”. Remember, do not click on “Uninstall” it will erase that app from your phone.
  • This process will gradually decrease the amount of battery usage. which can help you in making your phone’s battery last longer.

Now, Let’s discuss those features we have on our phones. Sometimes we need those features to help us with our daily matters but unfortunately, we forget them to close it. For instance, GPS or location, features are often used in ordering something online or marking a location. Features like Hotspot and Cellular Data are also forgotten to be closed. So make sure if there are any un-wanting features in your phone active and running right now, just go and turn them off. These Features consist of GPS, Hotspot, Cellular Data, and the most important is High Brightness. Which takes 20 percent of your cell phone’s battery. But, in these features, there is one that can help you in the prevention of battery drainage, and that feature is called “Battery Saving Mode”.

By turning your Battery saving mode “ON” it automatically turns your smartphone brightness to auto-adjust and turns all useless apps to sleep mode. If you’re the type of guy who wants his battery to last longer or maybe if you’re in a situation where you don’t have a charger then the “Battery Saving Mode” will be helpful for you.    


Carry a Power bank: 

Carry a “Power Bank” with yourself. If you’re a person who likes to see his phone always charged and always active to function, or maybe you’re a businessman who has a specific phone to make business calls or deals then always carry a power bank with you. For your information, a Power Bank or a recharger is a device that transfers energy into a secondary cell or a rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. But always remember to buy a good quality Power Bank because sometimes things get a little bit scary when you don’t buy a good quality Recharger. Certain risks can be battery bursting and cell phone battery swelling. So make sure to check before buying it.

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