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Do you use a Huawei P20 repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive?If you are, then you are a lucky customer of Huawei. Launched in the year of 2018, this phone dominated the market for a complete financial year. It weighs approximately 165grams and is 5.8 inches long, which gives you enough comfort to use the phone. It has an operating system of 8.1 Oreo and can be upgraded to the latest ones 9.0 Pie if you want to. It has two dual cameras each of 20MP and 12MP, allowing to capture all the beautiful moments of the life. The front camera of the phone is 24MP that permits you to click some awesome selfies. It has a non-removable battery of 3400mAh power, allowing you to use the phone for 12 hours continuously. Overall, the experience of using this is commendable and it’s worth to buy this phone and use it.

Services we provide in Huawei repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Victoria Drive

We focus on delivering the best we can in order to resolve all the issues you might be facing on the phone. We are here to make your experience better using the Huawei P20 screen repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive phone and ensure that this practice follows until we are present in the market. Some of the best solutions we provide to the problems are as follows:

Slow charging or not charging at all issues in in Huawei charging port repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Victoria Drive

Most of the users come across this issue at some point in time. When they plug in the charger, they notice that their phone is not getting charged at all or if it’s charging, then it is quite slow. This may happen because of various reasons. One of them would maybe because there are lots of background applications that are restricting the phone to charge. The second one would be the battery has gone weaker and needs to replaced immediately. The third one would be the charging port has some issue and needs to repair or replaced. Whatever the issue is we have our technicians and engineers who will work to resolve the issue within minutes for you. We offer services for.

Huawei P20 camera repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive

In most of the cases, the performance of the phone degrades when you don’t delete the unwanted caches in the phone. This may lead to a major issue over a point in time. Your phone becomes so slow that when you are restarting your phone, it may take up to an hour to get rebooted. This also applies whenever you are trying to open an application. This also happens when the memory on your Huawei P20 camera repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive is low or your phone is still running on outdated software. There are different reasons why you face these performance issues. You can contact us and we will let you know exactly what has happened to your phone and why you are facing these issues repeatedly. Our engineers also ensure to update the software of the phone and enhance the performance of your phone with the latest ones.

Most of the buttons doesn’t working properly in Huawei P20 battery replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive

Lots of users have complained that whenever they are pressing the buttons on the screen, nothing works. This may happen because of some software or hardware malfunction. Our representatives will examine the phone as soon as you give it to them. Once they figure out what the issue is, which they have the capability to do within minutes, they will forward the same to the engineers who will then work on your Huawei P20 battery replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive and resolve all the issues immediately. Although you will have to wait for some time as our representatives and engineers will run the necessary checks to ensure that your phone is completely fine and is running on the latest software available in the market. In the case of hardware malfunctions, our representatives will let you know what exactly has happened to your phone and why the buttons are not working properly. They will also let you know the charges that will be applicable to replace it. Not to worry, we don’t charge you more. Once the part is Huawei P20 charging port repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drivereplaced, our engineers perform the necessary checks and hands you the phone back ensuring that the issue doesn’t arise again in the near future.

Why choose us for Huawei P20 battery replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive?

There are numerous reasons why you should be choosing us. Unlike other competitors, we don’t believe in advertising our works, rather believing in working together to give you the best experience. Some other reasons why you should be considering us are as follows:
– We believe in timely delivering your phones with appropriately resolving all the issues your phone is facing.
– We don’t charge you much when compared to our competitors. Huawei P20 battery replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive We also don’t have any other hidden or other charges implied to mislead you.
– Our technicians, representatives, and engineers are highly qualified and understand the necessity of your data security. You can blindly rely on us.

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