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We hired Expert technicians for Huawei P20 Pro Repair in Vancouver & Burnaby. Launched in the year of 2018, Huawei P20 pro repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive dominated the market for a complete year with its sale reaching to the highest level in the late 2018. The phone weighs about 180 grams approximately and has an aluminium frame that makes the look of the phone classy. It is about 6.1 inches and has an OLED touchscreen with 16M colors feature inbuilt in it. It uses an Android Operating System of version 8.1 Oreo that is the latest version available in the market. It features a triple rear camera i.e. of 40MP, 20MP, and 8MP, which means the experience of using the camera of this phone is exceptional. The phone camera of the phone is 24MP and allows you take incredible selfies easily. Apart from this, this water-resistant phone is an extraordinary phone that you must buy.

Services we provide in Huawei repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Victoria Drive

We focus on providing quality solutions to our customers and ensure that they are happy using the Huawei P20 pro phones. We have identified lots of issues that you also might be facing with the P20 pro phone and have listed some common issues that we resolve within a short duration of time:

The phone is not starting at allin Huawei water damages repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Victoria Drive

This is the most common issue that we see a lot of users are complaining about. It started recently when people determined that the Huawei P20 pro screen repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drivephones are not restarting or doesn’t start at all when you shut down. This is actually an update issue that Huawei officials identified later. After installing the updates, this issue started to happen. This is some sort of a software issue that is restricting the phone to get rebooted. Once you restart your phone, it gets stuck and doesn’t start at all. Our technicians came up with an interesting solution that resolved the issues of many customers and they are happily using this phone. You can also us at any given time in order to resolve this issue if you are currently facing it.

The light at the backlight doesn’t appear to lit

A lot of time people have complained about a backlight bleed issue that constantly occurs in the smartphone. This happens usually when the background light that is utilized to lighten the LCD is appearing at uneven spots at regular intervals. This will illuminate the light more than it should be illuminated. This happens because of an issue with the software or the update that you would have installed recently. As there are lots of bugs that get attracted towards your device every day, some bugs would have got installed for which you might be facing this issue well. Our engineers and technicians ensure that all these issues are resolved once you have handed over your phone to us. We will fix the issue within a short period of time and ensure that you will not experience this again. We offer Huawei P20 pro screen replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive.

Battery not providing enough backup supportin Huawei battery repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Victoria Drive

There are lots of people who are recently started to complain that the percentage of the battery in the home screen is not showing correctly. Usually, this happens for various reasons which would be difficult for you to identify. Huawei P20 pro battery replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive.
Our technicians and engineers will help you in understanding why this issue has happened and will let you know the solution as well. This may happen because of some software issue Huawei P20 pro port replacement in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Driveor the battery is literally draining at a faster rate. In order to identify this issue, you will have to visit us and we will ensure that this issue is resolved within a short span of time.

Screen appears to have low or dim light in Huawei screen repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, & Victoria Drive

There are a lot of discussions that happen in public forums because of this issue. The issue is quite aggressively gaining a lot of attention as people are genuinely facing this issue for some time now. They are unable to click on the auto-brightness option or nothing happens to the screen when they are trying to adjust it. Besides this, they are complaining that even if the auto-brightness option seems enabled, it doesn’t work properly. It dims the screen-light to such extent that you will not be able to see the screen. Not to worry, we are here to assist you. Our technicians will ensure this issue is resolved by performing necessary checks.

Why you should choose us for Huawei P20 pro repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive?

We have a dedicated team who work closely with all the issues your phone and ensure that the issues are resolved within a short period of time. Apart from this, you can go through the services we provide that would help you in making a decision about why you should be choosing us:
– We ensure timely deliverables of your phone.
– We replace all the parts and products with 100 percent genuine and original items.
– You can rely on us when it comes to charges as well. We won’t charge you much in order to service your phone.
– We also offer services based Huawei P20 pro repair in Vancouver, Burnaby & Victoria Drive.

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