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How to Become a Cell Phone Repair Technician? (Full Guide)

How to Become a Cell Phone Repair Technician


Hey, in this article, we will let you know everything about a cell phone repair technician, starting off with that what he does and his main duties. This article will help you know about how to become a cell phone repair technician and what does it require, how much money do you need for it, where you can start from and how much does a cell phone repair technician earn?

But at first, give it a read Things you Should Know Before Becoming a Cell Phone Repair Technician.

What Does a Cell Phone Repair Technician do?

You can find a Cell Phone Repair Technician in any Cell Phone Buy/Sale Shop.


The main duties and responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of a cell phone technician are to welcome the customer which is called customer dealing, satisfying with your quality work, providing good quality services, taking care of customers device it could be a cell phone, tablet or an iWatch, analyzing issues, and fixing them, parts replacements, Providing your quality service in a short amount of time because most of the customers don’t like to be kept waiting.

And when you’re done with it make sure to get feedback from your customer which will help you to obtain the customer’s trust as well and also maintain all buy/sale and repair records.


Here are some works related to a Cell Phone Technician that he does daily:

  • => screen repair
  • => Battery Replacement
  • => Camera Repair
  • => Charging port repair
  • => Buttons or Sensors Repair
  • => Speakers or Microphone Repair
  • => Software Repair and Unlock
  • => Liquid Damage Repair

        and many more.


What are popular skills for cell phone repair technician


How can I Become a Technician for Cell Phones? 

What is required? : 

Skills and Education are an important role-playing part of becoming a cell phone repair technician, your academic education is foremost important.


Must know about:

A professional technician must have all the knowledge about Mobiles and Tablets like their model numbers and company’s brand name, operating systems which are installed in the mobile phones (Android and IOS). 


A large scale of peoples in the world use only the phones which have these mentioned Operating systems. He also should be aware of all the cell phone parts that are (front and back glasses, charging port, battery, cameras, Audio jack, microphone, speakers, and buttons).


And also all the mobile phone accessories like (Back cover, Charger, hand frees, air pods and phone cases) and their types with respect, these are the most concerning qualities required in the market for a mobile repair technician. 


The entrant or the professional must know how to use all the tools of assembling and disassembling that are required in smartphone repairing like (Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers, Nylon Spudger, Screwdriver Kit, Plastic Triangle Opening Tool, Precision Knife Set, Anti Static Brush).


How much it cost and what it takes:

it doesn’t require a huge amount to start. it may seem a little bit different when you’re doing your academic studies in becoming a cell phone technician rather than practicing on a dead phone.


Institutes and Online Courses for technicians in Canada

Getting into Professionalism requires training, consistency, dedication, and daily practice in practical life and when you’re looking into becoming a Cell Phone Repair Technician the entrant must be proficient in it.


We have handpicked some of the best institutes all over Canada, that provide Professional instructors in their courses for the entrants to learn Cell Phone Repairing. 


1. Kmaster Electronics College Of Technology

Kmaster is an institute located in Mississauga, Ontario, CA providing all types of technical courses especially the Certified Smartphone Master Technician Level 1-4 course which is basically a 3 days course for 200$.

Kmaster electronics college of technology


2. Wireless Training Center

Wireless training Center They provide online and classroom courses located in Surrey, BC, Canada, their courses consist of Smartphone Master Technician Course, Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook & iMac Motherboard Soldering Course, Advanced Micro-Soldering Specialist Course, and many more starting with 1200$ and mostly the length of their courses are for 2 days.

Wireless Training Center


3. Cellular Repair School

Cellular Repair School is an institute that also provides online courses on cell phone repairing. Their course duration is about 40 hours and their payment method is student-friendly because of the installment method.

Go ahead check out their google reviews.

Cellular Repair School


Try to get some Online Assistance

If you don’t have the budget to afford such types of courses try searching out for Free Online courses or you can also look for online youtube tutorials of expert technicians.


Here are some Suggestions From us:

Free & paid websites To Learn Mobile Phone Repair Online


=> Ifixit : (FREE)

Ifixit is the second Stackoverflow for technicians! which means they are the pioneers of the right to repair movement, a concept that encourages and allows consumers to repair their own electronic and mechanical devices themselves.



They have a very large community of professional technicians that provides a variety of interesting technical courses for free but some of them might ask for some payment which is up to the candidate. 


They have step by step pictures and videos accompanying the instructions. The guides have been well categorized and are very easy to browse through.


=> Udemy: Cell phone repair course (PAID)

Udemy is one of the most renowned websites for providing various kinds of online courses. Here you can also find a large number of students doing the cell phone repair course there are about 123,216 students on Udemy.


Udemy: Cell phone repair course (PAID)


=> Allgsmtips.com: (FREE)

There are a lot of tech enthusiasts out there who would love to repair their cell phones and maintain his blog to help others out there and do the same.

Allgsmtips.com: (FREE)

These blogs are the best resource to know how mobile phones work and how to fix them. Allgsmtips.com is a great example of one such blog. It has a lot of guides, tutorials, and tips on how to repair cell phones. Many articles will increase your knowledge and interest in the field. 


Youtube channels to follow: 

It is one of the best resources to learn almost about everything. There are a lot of video tutorials on every mobile phone repairing technique on youtube. The most interesting part about youtube is that you don’t need to pay any amount to watch a video. There are several channels on youtube that teach and provide cell phone repairing videos step-by-step.


1. Movilone Phone Repair:

A great example with over 900 videos on the topic. Their instructions are simple and you are also told which tool you need to use.


Movilone Phone Repair:


2. GO Cell Phone Repair:  

Similarly, this channel on youtube exclusively provides cell phone repairing videos that are finely elaborated on the techniques of cell phone repairing, it has over 430 videos on its channel and 75.8k Subscribers.

GO Cell Phone Repair:


Here’s how you can start becoming a cell phone technician in this Pandemic by reading these books that we suggest to all of our interested viewers.


1. Mobile Phones and Tablets Repairs: A Complete Guide for Beginners and Professionals

is a book written by Chukky Oparandu and it is exclusively for the ones who are interested in the technical field and it is most popular in the technician’s community it helps those who are looking forward to beginning their career in the technical industry from scratch to Professionalism.

Mobile Phones and Tablets Repairs: A Complete Guide for Beginners and Professionals


2. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition

Getting a piece of knowledge on how to repair and fix all types of digital gadgets and analog antiques will help you in your tenure to become a technician and also it will give you a hand in recognizing all types of electronic products if you are interested in it. This book is Composed by Michael Jay Geier.


How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition


3. Beginner’s Guide to Reading Schematics, Fourth Edition

This easy to follow guide shows you the step by step process on how you can navigate the road maps of electronic systems and circuits. This book explains to you how you can understand and create high precision electronics diagrams. Discover how to identify parts and interpret element ratings, connections and also apply diagram-based information in your own projects. This book is written by Stan Gibilisco.


Make money from home or open your shop, or get hired!

The increasing number of cell phones have increased the user’s demand for a cell phone technician, and in some areas and places people often find it difficult to get their phone repair in their local areas so you can opt-in and gain all that customer traction to your business.


How can you start?

If you’re an entrant or a professional we would suggest starting your business from home especially in times of Pandemic. It doesn’t require a huge amount to start your one business as a cell phone repair technician from home all you need is some of the required tools to repair the smartphone, Knowledge and some experience, and a little bit of marketing for your business on social platforms and then you are good to go.


If you are looking to become a business owner of a mobile phone shop then this is the right thing for you because a mobile phone business doesn’t require a huge amount to start from scratch because the start-up costs are extremely low. You can literally start with a single cell phone screen and make enough money to quadruple your inventory. However, depending on which business model you choose from above, you may have additional costs to calculate. Let’s break down what those costs may include.


Parts Inventory

You will have to make sure that you have the right and enough parts to keep up with the demand for your service. Depending on how much availability you have, you may want to start with 5-15 pieces of each item you wish to repair. This allows you to continue to serve your customers while waiting for more parts to arrive. This cost can range between $200-600. 


Tools Inventory 

Now that you have all the parts that you need to fix the phone. You need to make sure that you have the right tools to fix the cell phone which will cost you between $50 to $6000. If you can afford that you are ready to go.


Getting yourself hired as a mobile phone technician in a sense of earning money, gaining experience, and then starting your own business will require some things that we are mentioning. You will need to have at least 2 to 3 years of experience as a technician and it is necessary for the one that he should be a local resident, He or she must know how to use all the tools and also have the knowledge about all the parts and accessories, his qualities should count punctuality, hardworking, patience, and dedication because these qualities are most likely to be appreciated by mobile phone shop owners. 


Here are some Data in this topic:

How do skills and experience affects a cellphone repair technician’s salary: Here it shows how skills and experience can be affecting your salary if you are a cell phone repair technician. Being a pro in your work shows how much experience you have in your field and when it comes to sorting out troubleshoot and analyzing the errors in your workplace defines how much skillful you are. you can easily observe it by going into a smartphone shop and see different types of cell phone repair technician demanding all types of repairing fee-based on their skills and experience.

Experience affects cell phone repair technician salariesSkills that affect cell phone repair technician salaries

Here you can see how much male and female candidates are in this field letting you know about the demographics of a cell phone repair technician.

Gender breakdown


This salary by year based graph tells you how much a cell phone repair technician earns a year depending on his yearly experience.

Pay by experience level

It shows that how much yearly experience does the audience have in this field.

Years of Experience

This shows the hourly pay of a cell phone repair technician according to Payscale.

Range of hourly pay for a cell phone repair technician


These all demographics credit goes to Payscale



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